Saturday, October 3, 2009

Maaaarvelous Daaahhling

So it's been ages since I last wrote! Sorry! :o) Whenever I get a free moment to myself, I tend to get doing something on facebook and there goes my night. lol!

My girls have been doing well. Maddy sits all by herself, rolls everywhere & wants us to just hold her up so she can stand all of the time! She even straightens her legs out now so you can't just sit her down. Little stinker. She's been teething her bottom 2 teeth for a good week now and they're still white, swollen bumps. I hope they pop through soon so she's happier! I miss my happy-go-lucky baby! I ordered her baltic amber teething necklace, so I'm excited to see it works for her and soothes her teething pain! She's completely into her 3-6 month clothes now (at 8 months old! lol!), but probably not for too much longer. She is long and I have a feeling that we'll have to bring out the 6-9 month stuff next time we're at the storage shed. She LOVES to eat and has 2 meals a day with us. Everytime we are eating, she wants to as well. What a great kid! Her favorite food is sweet potatoes and she also loves her rice rusks. We did discover an allergy to squash (diaper rash), so hopefully she'll grow out of that before too long. Maddy is getting ready to move to all medium cloth diapers too! Whoa! Growing girl! I need to get her a few more prefolds, because I have just enough, but no spares for wash day. I thought I had an extra dozen, but apparently not. Looks like I'll be visiting diaperswappers soon! Yay!! So addicted to looking there, but not buying when I wish I had the money to do so! hehe. Need to sell some of my crap so I can buy more fluff! lol!

Sophie is 3! Holy crapola! She is quite the little lady too. Talks nonstop, throws massive fits when she doesn't get her way (the "terrible" twos were NOTHING!), but then in the next moment is SO sweet to her sister and my great helper. She loves to make Maddy laugh & do little tasks when I ask her to. She's been entirely skipping the nap lately, which I hope she finally just gives up already! She goes to bed earlier, sleeps better & is more pleasant throughout most of the day w/out a nap. I hate days w/a nap because of how cranky she wakes up! Yikes!

Sophie's 3rd bday parties rocked. We had 1 w/my mom, a park, cupcakes & most importantly, Sophie's favorite bday present: the wedding dress my mom made for her. She looks like a little princess in it and it breaks you heart!! She loves her "married dress" as she calls it & has been so obsessed with getting married. so cute! Then she had a 2nd party w/Brian's parents, Aunt Paula, cousin Austin, & later Mark & his girls. I made a practice cake which was ok, but I wasn't too happy with it...glad it was for practice! I was a bit bummed that Austin (who's 6) blew out her bday candle not once, but 2x (since we relit for her) and he opened her gift from them too, but Sophie didn't seem to get upset, so that's good. Her favorite gift was the Ariel doll we gave her. She SCREAMED "OH MY GOD!!! ARIEL!! I WANT HER!!!" and danced and jumped when she opened the paper. Talk about great reaction! Too bad we didn't have a video camera! lol! Then he last party was a week ago at Dad & Judy's house for all of his side of the family. We crammed 21ish people into their tiny house! And I made my next practice cake (practice being the 50th anniversary wedding cake I'm supposed to make for next Sunday the 11th) and it turned out better and gave me a lot of ideas of how to make the cake work. I got a lot of compliments my under the sea cake & we had PLENTY to give everyone too. lol! Her favorite gifts were her Ariel doll to play with in the tub from Uncle Aaron & her Chef Barbie from Uncle Adam & Bobbie-Jo. Yay! She had a great time playing with Bobbie-Jo too and picked up a few of the phrases she was saying when they were playing Barbies. Now Sophie tells me how everything is "Maaaarvelous Daahling". LOL! That girl is so smart and cracks me up constantly. Even though she is a DIVA, I wouldn't trade her for anything. hehe.

What else? I've applied about a million different places (again) to get a part-time job. I really need to get out and need the money, so this should be good. I am SO anxious about leaving my girls, even if Brian & my MIL are here, but this needs to be done. For my sanity for sure!

I'm so excited about a few upcoming things too: making the wedding cake, Adam & Bobbie-Jo's schindig & possibly visiting with them for a few days, going up to my Mom's near Buffalo, NY with the girls for a while. Good things all around. Hoping to have them continue too! Alrighty, on that note, it's SO late and I'm well past exhausted. Nite!


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