Thursday, October 15, 2009

Addicted to cloth

Yeah, I just spent WAAAAAY too much time on tonight. SO addicting looking for "new" things & fun deals! My custom fleece longies should be arriving any day now that I got from there ($5/pair! Woo!) and last week I just got 2 hemp fitted diapers in need of repair that came with thick soakers (so basically, I got 5 soakers out of the diapers when I cut them up--there are holes where the snaps are; unfixable in my opinion--for only $3 shipping. Woo woo!) I might be trying out some new wool if I hear back from a seller too...which reminds me, I need to try my one soaker on Maddy again. She's grown a lot since the summer and might actually fit it now! Sweet!

Then I clicked through and made a wish list of sorts *hint, hint* I LOVE that site, because they include shipping fees in their items, so you don't have to pay extra shipping & everything is very reasonably prices. Cheapest snappis in town too (how I discovered the site this spring!).



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