Sunday, January 24, 2010

Might as well update...

So an update on life here:

My appointment with the kidney doctor went very well. There isn't really much we can do aside from play the be proactive game. I will have to do a urine protein/creatinine comparison every other week and semi-frequent 24-hour urine tests, but we're basically just watching my levels and praying my blood pressure & protein levels stay low for as long as possible. He was a really comforting doctor & asked me a million questions and answered about just as many questions. And I really like the fact that he knows my doctors personally. He recommended that I get a referral from my OB to see a perinatalogist (ie: maternal/fetal high risk doctor) since I am officially considered high risk and it's what they do all of the time. I felt really good when we left.

That Friday was such a beautiful day and I was glad to be able to spend part of the day outside and the evening w/my family (and Bobbie-Jo!). We even got to go swimming at a hotel pool & that was a LOT of fun. That Saturday, Dad & Judy watched the girls all day/overnight & Brian and I got to go on a couple's retreat of sorts. We really needed the time to reconnect for one thing & it was getting to feel like an adult for a day!

Monday morning I had my 12 week ultrasound and everything looked good. It was nice getting to see Newbie again. Strong heartbeat (162 bpm) & the perfect baby. Newbie was so good and laid in the perfect position that the sonographer asked if I would mind letting the sonographer in training take some pictures and measurements to practice. Of course I let them! I love getting a longer view of my baby! And she even asked if I'd like to know her guess on what gender the baby might be. She then told us, but we're not telling anyone until we get a more confirmed idea of the gender at our 20-ish week appointment (probably around March). I can't wait for that one either! :o) We have our next regular appointment next week (when I'm 14 weeks).

This week kinda sucked after that. Brian had a lot more tooth pain from his cracked molar w/exposed nerve. We finally found a dentist who would give a discount for lower income families & on Thursday he had the tooth pulled. He's doing fine now, but w/3 days off this week because of it, we're gonna be hurting again.

Thursday was nice because I got to visit w/my mom (for the last time until her surgery etc allows her to come back down to visit) and Adam & Bobbie-Jo. We had a mini-party for Maddy and she loved her cupcake! My girl knows how to eat! hehe. After a nice day full of playing w/Barbies with just the girls, we left around 8pm.

On the way home I got into a fender bender at like 3mph, but since the guy wanted a police report, we had to wait around forever with 2 overly tired girls in the back. I now will have insurance go up to repair the dent in this guy's bumper & my car is leaking antifreeze. We're not exactly sure if it's the radiator, a leaky hose or what, but it's gonna cost again. And Brian's car is technically running, but still making a horrible grinding noise, so we're sunk there too. There goes our savings. Every since time we get money saved up, something happens and it's gone again. I feel like we're never gonna get out of here. I know we're stayed past our welcome, but what else can we do? Just very frustrating!! I wish we'd win a small lottery or used car to help us out. But there's a reason for all of this. I'm sure of it. I just wish I knew what it was exactly.

So I'm hoping we can just keep adding antifreeze to my car to keep it running for now, so Brian can get to work & we can make it to York this weekend for Maddy's birthday w/my family. After all of the problems w/not finding a good place for her bday party & having to have several little parties to appease our families, I just want it to work out already. *sigh*

I'm hoping this week is better & things start looking up. I'm already stressed out from all of our financial/car/work worries, plus my health & my mom's big surgery on Feb 2nd. I don't know if I can take any more and just need a break already!

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  1. I'm glad the dr. was very thorough. I hope things stay well so you can just have a relaxing and normal pregnancy this time!

    I will be praying for your mom and her surgery. I know it's terrifying, and I'll be thinking of you both.

    I have a guess on what the baby is too ;) can't wait! Boo you're not sharing the u/s techs guess hehe!

    Sorry about the fender bender and stuff :( I hope things start to finally look up for you guys!


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