Monday, January 25, 2010

Cloth diapers WIN!

So today I posted " I get really excited when I get to help someone learn about the many benefits of using cloth diapers. Makes me so proud of that responsible mom for not only doing something great for her child (or future child), but also for every person in the world by preventing more disgusting disposables from ending up in the land...fills and ruining our earth. If you want to learn more, please don't hesitate to ask! I have a wealth of information I would LOVE to share! :o)" as my facebook status. Who knew the drama storm it would create!! (for the record, I was educating a friend of mine who doesn't even have babies yet about cloth & she's really excited about it when she becomes a mother! Yay!!)

So here's the story: the girl I used to babysit for (Ashley) responded w/how cloth diapering was gross. So responded with educational information. A bit later my cousin Chad's wife Veronica responded with how disgusting it was and she'd never do cloth. I again responded with more educational information. Then the insults started to come. Veronica & Ashley don't understand how someone can have a different opinion than them, so they naturally took it as personal attacks and dealt some really low blows. I love my friends, because they defended me and understood the purpose of my status was about cloth diaper education! I am passionate about people using cloth, what can I say?! Eventually I got tired of their uneducated remarks & felt I needed to give my friends a break from being on the defensive (again, let me remind you...this started about CLOTH DIAPERS!) so I deleted & blocked my former friend Ashley, Veronica & eventually Chad since Veronica logged onto his name to further attack (she's got real class).

I didn't know cloth diapers would cause such a dramatic response. I have since deleted their ridiculous comments (though saved the email notifications with their replies in case family drama comes from this incredible event and I can prove what was said), but good has come from this. People were educated from my post! Friends learned about the many, many benefits to using cloth diapers and can encourage others to learn more too. My Aunt wants me to help her learn more & she's so excited about visiting a real cloth diapers store (me too! I've never been to one!). Another friend expressed her desire to use cloth for her next baby after reading all of the educational information I posted as well. So this is a total cloth diapers WIN!

Plus I got to see see how Ashley & Veronica really felt about me (they're both very genuinely fake people as it is) & got negativity out of my life. I feel so free. I know plenty of people who use disposable diapers, and while I wish they used cloth, I don't hate them for using disposables. I wish to educate them & hope that once they learn how easy cloth diapers are (and all of the benefits as well!!) & that they'll try it out at least part-time. It's not for everyone in every situation, but I hope that by educating people I can make a difference. That's how I got into cloth--my friend Jessi educated me and I want to pass the torch along as many times as I can! <3 cloth diapers!!!

(oh, and p.s. I gained another blog follower tonight. None other than Ashley Wharton--as her blog name states! Amazing!)


  1. I honestly am baffled that two women would BASH someone who is trying to better the world.

    From the sounds of it, they're not doing much to make the planet a better place. What gives them the right to bash people who use cloth. We never once said they were stupid for having different opinions. I said they were stupid for cussing and saying ridiculous things about something they knew nothing about.

    Once they started on you they just showed that they are truly low lives. Only mean, rude, heartless people think nasty things like that about a wonderful woman who is just trying to get by. Who's husband is working hard and as best as he can to get you on your feet. Don't ever feel less than good, you ARE good.

    I'm glad in all this we were able to get more cloth mommas. Makes me happy. Stupid people lose, once again too!

    You're amazing Andrea, really you are. And I'd rather be struggling to get by and full of love with my kids like you than be a mean, rude, heartless person who "has money and can afford REAL diapers!".

  2. THAT is crazy stuff my friend. good for you for being classy!!


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