Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dr Appointments

I had a great appointment on Monday. Good blood pressure, Newbie's heartbeat was 149 & I got to take Bobbie-Jo in with me. She LOVED hearing the heartbeat...I swear she almost cried. It was so special to share with her & I really hope she can go with me to more appointments.

We also made our "big ultrasound" appointment!! March 15th is the big day! I am SO anxious for it to get here! I cannot wait! I keep thinking Newbie is a boy, but with our record, I'm not surprised if we get another girl. I just really hope Newbie cooperates & gives us a great shot so I won't remain anxious about their gender for the rest of the pregnancy. lol! I still have 1 appointment until our ultrasound though. How am I going to last?! lol! :op I know I will be totally excited by whatever we find out...I just wanna know already! We need to start thinking of names! ;o)

I'm really hoping we can find a babysitter for the girls, so Brian & I can both go back to see Newbie. We have plenty of people around, but it all depends on if they're willing to watch our sweet girls for day. Wish us luck!!

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  1. I can't wait to find out!!! :) I think BOY too :)


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