Monday, February 22, 2010

Gotta love "new" fluff!

I recently participated in a diaper swap hosted by Emi at The Cloth Diaper Report and Danielle at There’s No Snakes in New Zealand. Both ladies worked so hard & organized the entire event. Thanks again for doing it! What fun! We had our 2 blizzards when my diapers were supposed to arrive & our lovely USPS around here thinks that a little precipitation is the perfect excuse to not deliver the mail, so it took a while for them to arrive, but well worth the wait. I'm glad I got mine to trade out before the snow hit though as it was crazy!

I received a red Bamboo Bums AI2 from Calley (twitter @TheEcoChic) & a chocolate with lime Rocky Mountain OS pocket diaper from Andrea (twitter @heyfreckles) . Once I stripped both diapers (not sure of what detergents, hardness of water etc & since Maddy's got a sensitive enough bum as it is, I prefer to start fresh), we tried them out! We've used both diapers a few times now & I was excited to try something new!

I love the absorbency of the Bamboo Bums diaper. It comes with nb & lg inserts that are tricky to fold up without lots of bulk and the amount of snaps on this thing are insane, but it rocked all morning long (including nap) with no leaks. I usually prefer velcro, since Maddy tends to fit things with snaps awkwardly, but we managed to get a good fit in spite of that. I <3 bamboo & natural fibers for diapers, so that was a big plus too.

I wish I could say the same for the Rocky Mountain diaper. It came w/a microfiber insert, but since Maddy can't use microfiber, I stuffed it with one of our hemp inserts with a fleece topper. It leaked each time we've used it, unfortunately. I'm going to play around with changing the size (you change the elastic around the legs for different sizes-nb to lg), using other inserts, etc. so we can hopefully make this diaper work for us. I hope it's just a sizing issue for her!

I traded a SposoEasy AIO & a BumJoy pocket that were used a combined total of maybe 5x? It was a great opportunity to trade something we never reached for or the fit wasn't right with something different. And if I never use these diapers, I'm not any worse off, right?! hehe.

I did feel bad that I noticed a few small triangular snags on the one tab of the BumJoy when I took pictures to show what I had. I never noticed them before then, but seeing as the diaper was barely touched by us & none of my other diapers have any snags or tears, I'm not sure if it was a manufacturing issue or what. So I sent along a few sock monkey cloth wipes I made & a note explaining what I noticed to help rectify the situation in case the woman who received my diaper was upset. I like to be upfront & honest rather than just brush it off--I always try to think about what it'd be like to be in the other person's shoes and all.

I'd definitely participate in another swap if one presents itself. I now know more about what to expect & how things are done, so I feel more prepared for a swap in the future. Thanks again to everyone who participated & for sharing this experience with me! There's nothing like a little fluffy mail to brighten even the snowiest of days! :o)


  1. why didnt i know about this... ive been a terrible blogger lately!

  2. Maria--it happened during your downed computer time probably! Hopefully there will be another one & I'll let you know! :o)


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