Wednesday, March 3, 2010

updates & random thoughts

My appointment on Monday went well. My blood pressure was excellent!! Praise God for that! We had a bit of trouble getting Newbie's heartbeat, as he/she kept squirming around once the doctor located it. But we were able to hear a nice steady 140's and I'm measuring right on track.

The doctors always ask if I have any questions, and frankly, I rarely do anymore. They always seem weirded out that I don't ask questions. Well, hello! This is pregnancy #3, I go in for appointments every 2 weeks & I am a researcher! When they start dishing out advice, I sometimes want to just tell them to stop, because I've already read up on what they're telling me about. I'm not a naive, young mother like I was with Sophie. I wish I could just put a post-it on my chart to tell them that! haha. But that's the problem when I have to see a doctor instead of the midwives. I love the midwives. They're always concerned with the emotional and mental health of their patients as well as the physical. It just makes you feel very good after you leave a visit with a midwife, that's for sure!

I am trying to keep super busy for the next 1 1/2 weeks because I am so anxious about our 20 week ultrasound. The doctors office paperwork for my ultrasound said that they only allow 1 "support person" to come back with me, but I'm going to try to get Brian & Bobbie-Jo back with me. I really want them both there & I'm hoping we can record the ultrasound on my dad's camcorder so we can show it to my mom.

She's not sure if she'll be starting chemo next week or not, since once of her incisions isn't completely healed yet, but I want to share baby experiences with her & give her some more hope and good excitement in her life. She got a Morkie puppy (part Maltese/part Yorkshire Terrier) last week & I'm really glad she'll have some companionship in the tough months ahead. She's decided to not allow visitors until chemo is done and I totally agree with that decision.

Some family members are upset by that, but they need to remember it's not about them. It's about mom getting healthy! If we don't get to physically see her for a few months, but have her around and cancer free for many long years, I find that a very welcome trade-off. I told her that if those certain family members try to guilt her into allowing them to visit, then let me have at them! Just because you knew of someone who was able to continue working & going out while enduring chemo treatment, doesn't mean that everyone can. My mom is allergic to many different drugs out there that others can use to fight common sicknesses, so why subject her to anything that's just not necessary? We've talked via Skype a few times & it's awesome! I always feel so energized when I get to see and talk to her, so it's a great set-up for us!

I'm praying for some job leads for Brian. He has a newly tweaked resume, but so far the available jobs to even apply for are hard to find. I'm not sure where else to tell him to look aside from the local paper & craigslist. Job hunting is not my specialty. I know God will guide us, but I know we cannot sit idle and wait for a job to fall into our laps. So if you don't mind praying for that too (I know, we have a long prayer list lately), I'd appreciate it.

Alrighty, enough blogging. I need to get the little ladies ready so we can take my in-laws out to dinner tonight. It's their 31st anniversary and we're taking them to dinner (albeit a cheaper dinner since we're going early & using the last of a gift card), but they put up with a lot with us here for the last 7 months, so we're trying to give back in a small way. Later!


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