Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 1st birthday Maddy Moo!!

I cannot believe Maddy is 1 year old already! I remember holding my tiny 3lb baby just a year ago and now she's about 19 lbs. Amazing! This first year has really flown by! What an amazing, big, smart, happy girl she is & I am just blessed by how far she has come despite her very early beginning.

Maddy loves to eat (almost anything really, though now that she's had her 1st taste of sugar, I'm sure that'll start to top her favorites list. haha), loves to walk when you hold her hands & explore. She's figured out real crawling instead of just army crawling around & she cruises all of the furniture, doors, walls, etc until she looses her grip. She is very curious and will stare at something until she figures it can see her brain working & she'll probably be our "why? why? why?" child. hehe. She waves & says "hi & bye" though they sound more like "haaa & buhaa", says MomMomMomMom or Mama for me & Dadad for Brian. She says baba for milk & also signs milk. She has recently discovered her "L's" and is constantly babbling and talking to her toys. Maddy adores her big sister & Sophie cracks her up & gets the best laughs ever. She wants to play wherever Sophie is and is already starting to play with Barbies (though more chewing them & smacking them to the ground. lol). Maddy has turned into a major Daddy's girl (and adores her J.C. too--Brian's dad) & refuses me at times to be with one of them instead. lol.

She had a blast at her mini-bday party w/my Mom, Adam & Bobbie-Jo before my mom had to have her surgery. She woofed down her cupcake & enjoyed her presents so much. So glad we could share Maddy's 1st bday party with my mom since she won't get to visit for a long while again until she's healthy enough to travel and all.

We had a 2nd cake-venture at my Dad & Judy's house the next week. She did great helping with presents, but by the time she got a cupcake, she was too tired to eat. Poor babe had her 1st real case of the sickies on her actual 1st birthday & was still not feeling great then. But she looked absolutely adorable in her party dress & shoes (that I bought last spring on super duper sale and saved about $40 off the original price!). Here are some pictures from Dad & Judy's party:

Happy birthday sweet girl! We love you SOO much & are so proud of the girl you're becoming. <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">


  1. Look how cute she is!! Happy 1st to Maddy!! I bet it just flew by!

    And LUCKY DUCK for sure!! Good luck with the ones you're entering now!

  2. happy birthday, maddy! i hope someday i can meet you and your big sister [as well as your littler one too!]

    andrea, maddy's blue eyes are so beautiful. what a lucky mama. :)

  3. Oh she is so stinking cute!! I could just eat her up!!! Happy birthday to her. And congrats to you!!!


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