Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lucky Duck? Hopefully!

So I've been super lucky with giveaways lately! I won a Diva Cup, Belly Bar sampler & baby set from Miapella from My Silly Monkey's Mom & Baby Event. I also won a Wii this weekend in a random twitter follower giveaway (here's hoping I actually get it...not holding my breath, but I was sent shipping notification? So hopefully it was legit!). Now I'm hoping to increase my lucky streak with the last few giveaways from My Silly Monkey's Mom & Baby Event. Here are the things I hope to win, so don't enter any of them so I win. hehe. Check them out below:

*An It's Time! Labor Bag-http://www.mysillymonkeys.com/2010/01/its-time-labor-bags-review-giveaway.html

*A $20 gift card to Wee Essentials-http://www.mysillymonkeys.com/2010/01/wee-essentials-review-giveaway.html

*A BabyStar Nursing Blanket-http://www.mysillymonkeys.com/2010/01/babystar-nursing-blanket-review.html

*A SleepyWrap-http://www.mysillymonkeys.com/2010/01/sleepywrap-review-giveaway.html

*A Marmalade Monkey Soaker-http://www.mysillymonkeys.com/2010/01/marmalade-monkey-soaker-or-hat-giveaway.html

*A Kolcraft Jeep Traveler Tandem Stroller-http://www.mysillymonkeys.com/2010/01/kolcraft-jeep-traveler-tandem-stroller.html

*A Casio Exilim digital Camera-http://www.mysillymonkeys.com/2010/01/casio-review-giveaway.html


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