Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010 parts 1 & 2 (with pics!)

We did it. We survived both parts of Snowpocalypse 2010! First part was Friday thru Saturday night and a blizzard that dumped at least 30" of snow. We started digging out and were able to go to my doctor on Monday, as I had a sinus infection. I felt horrible, and the doctor wasn't even going to give me antibiotics, but they decided to give me a prescription after I asked what else I can do aside from tylenol & gargles, you know, since I'm pregnant and all. Then I got the prescription and I feel 20000x better now. Good grief. But I am glad the snow didn't arrive again until Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday night. Another 30" of snow, plus high winds and lots of drifting. Insanity for sure! We had brown-outs and a couple of minutes of complete black-outs because of the winds & Sophie was terrified of the lights dimming from the brown-outs. Poor babe slept on our floor last night and eventually ended up in our bed. Today was another dig out day, but at least the plow for our complex came through early and took the majority of the snow away and only left 3 or 4 inches in most spots. Sophie & Brian played so hard today in the HUGE snow mounds today (after Brian checked them out of course) and she had a blast. But boy was it cold! We're supposed to get another storm on Monday evening/Tuesday & I am dreading it. I am so sick of this white evil lying around. If I didn't mind living far away from family, I'd be on the next plane down south! I'm just glad we made it through the dual blizzards w/out major issues! Here are some pics:

During the 1st blizzard:

After the 1st blizzard, Sophie enjoyed playing:
The blowing snow during part 2. It blew sideways for an entire day/night:

And finally the aftermath & fun Brian & Sophie had:

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  1. That amount of snow is just insane!!! Ugh. Where is Spring!


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