Saturday, February 13, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun...

I cannot believe I'm already 16 weeks pregnant! This is flying by so quickly!! I read this morning that the baby is the side of an avocado. Holy cow that's so big already & undeniably a baby now! I feel movement pretty much daily & have "popped" for sure. I've been wearing maternity clothes for a while now, but I think I'm starting to appear more preggo & less "she's really letting herself go". Sophie loves to talk to the baby (she's lately referring to it as her baby brother, but when you ask her what's inside mommy's tummy she says "prolly a girl"). It's driving me nuts not knowing the gender. I'm really trying hard to not get hopes up either way, but I can't help but wonder since you can clearly know one way or the other now! I do not know how people don't want to find out at all! That would drive me batty! I told Brian that if we don't have a clear shot, we will pay for a confirmation at one of those 3/D ultrasound places, so we can know for sure! We haven't discussed names at all yet, but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of them myself! Hehe. I know we have to get a lot settle before he/she arrives, but I'm oddly not worried. We'll get a reliable car/house/etc when the time is right & God shows us where to go. I'm completely trusting in His guidance and having faith that everything will just work out. Since I am high risk, I have to go to doctor appointments every 2 weeks. I'm hoping that Monday's appointment works out, as we're expected to get another snowstorm (ugg). Once spring finally arrives, I know we'll be in a better situation! :o)

btw-go vote on my poll (on the column on the right). Do you think Newbie's a boy or a girl?!


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