Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Visiting & Spring fever-ing

I am tired, but it was a great weekend!! Just what I needed & we got out of the house! Spring fever didn't get the better of me! hehe.

On Friday, we got up early & drove to drop-off Brian/pick-up Bobbie-Jo and head to visit my Aunt Sandi & Uncle Chip & their kiddos (Kieran-7, Harmony-3 in a few days & Skylar-15 months). We hung out all day & it was fabulous! Sandi & I have now been preggo 3x together (she's about a month behind me now), so our kids are close in age and played so well together. I don't get to spend enough time w/my cousins either, so getting to play with my girls & my cousins was SO much fun. I wish I could just take them both for a week to get them off the bottle (yes, they both still get bottles!! Maddy's been completely off of one for a few weeks now) & get Harmony potty-trained. She is SOOO ready & even copied Sophie going to the potty 2x. She could easily be trained in a few days if they just stick to it. I did get to show them both some of my cloth diaper stash (including a few newborn diapers because of their sheer cuteness!!!!) & Chip is totally excited to save money & the environment. Sandi is a bit overwhelmed, but wants to try it. I hope she can try some and love them as much as we do too! :o)

My girls slept like champs Friday night (as did Mommy) & I can't wait to get to see them all again. Please send up a prayer for Sandi, as she's been diagnosed w/gestational diabetes at only 14 weeks & Chip was just in a car accident on Friday night (someone hit him) so he's in pain/sore, but at least he's ok.

On Saturday, we spent a lot of time in our storage unit getting a few things we needed/organizing stuff that fell when the plow truck hit the unit, etc. I felt really accomplished & the rest of our Saturday was spent together as well. The girls played hard in the nice weather we had (50's, sunny) and after Maddy went to bed, we set up the Wii & played it w/Dad & Judy. They loved it too. lol!

Today we went bowling with the extended Dippner family. Both of my girls pushed the ball down the lane & had a good time. Sophie's really getting the hang of it & even carried her own 6lb ball up to the line & pushed it all by herself. I took Maddy up & helped her push it & she just giggled the entire time. Start 'em young, right? We went back to Dad & Judy's house for a bit after that, but not for too long--it's quite a drive to get back here. But another gorgeous day (60 & sunny!) & tomorrow's supposed to be awesome too. I'm hoping to wash/lanolize some woolies & hang them on my rack outside tomorrow. Yay!!!

I don't know if this weather is here to stay, but I pray it is! I am aching for spring & really enjoyed the fresh air today & opened some windows around here. Hope we can open more tomorrow & really air out the house to get rid of any cigarette smell residue from this weekend. My MIL & FIL have both decided to finally quit smoking as of tomorrow, so I guess while we were gone, they had their hast hurrah of smoking inside. I'm so proud they are trying to quit & I know they can do it! I am also so proud of Bobbie-Jo being quit for a month now! Smoking is horrible & I wish it was completely illegal, but hopefully more people will catch on and give it all up! :o)


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