Tuesday, March 9, 2010

keeping busy

I'm trying hard to keep busy this week & weekend, but all I can think about is my appointment on Monday morning. What will we find out? Another gorgeous girl to add to our family? Or perhaps we'll find out there's a boy in there to change things up? It's seriously all I can think about. I would not be a good candidate to wait until birth to find out. Just knowing that I could find out Newbie's gender if I had an ultrasound right now is driving me crazy. So thus, I am keeping busy. Lots of laundry washed/folded (not put away. haha!), bathrooms cleaned, kids bathed & fed...hoping to break out the sewing machine at some point to make more cloth wipes & to fix my bum genius velcro/laundry tabs. There's probably a bunch of other little projects I'll discover when I get it out too. Here's to trying to keep busy!!

What do you think Newbie is? Vote in the poll on the right hand side! :o)

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  1. I'm so anxious to find out! :)

    my guess is BOY just cuz' i'm pulling for one but 3 girls would be so cute too! :)


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