Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Major venting...

I try to not vent too much about my in-laws, since I know it's hard for them to have to live with us here. But today just really pissed me off. They went out "for coffee" this morning and returned around 4. Brian was trying to reach them to see if they wanted us to bring home dinner (we were at Walmart) and she got pissy with him & said she had just left the house & wasn't coming back until it was clean. Um, what?! We cleaned up the toys before we left (and do our best to keep it clean...afterall, we have a 1 & 3 year old. What can you honestly expect?!) & would gladly do dishes that were in the sink if she didn't get upset when I ran the dishwasher (instead we wait until they're out of the kitchen or gone to wash our dishes). We're been trying to keep the girls out of their hair, but it's not easy living in a small townhouse together. She makes snide comments all of the time to Brian about moving out, and believe me, if we could, we would. It's not the 1950's anymore. We can't just find any old job & a cheap, good house to rent. Things aren't that simple anymore. I know she's trying (again...*not holding my breath*) to quit smoking since her dentist thinks she may have an early onset of mouth cancer due to smoking for the majority of her life, but she's been bitchy & cranky w/us the majority of the time we've been here. We got about 2 weeks total of good spirits and attitude. They don't seem to understand that smoking is the cause of most of their health problems, and only hurts the 4 (well, 5) of us by breathing in the 2nd hand smoke. They smoke in their bathroom (too lazy to go outside) & don't realize that my asthma is flaring something fierce when they do (I pray Newbie is ok despite of my inhaler usage) & don't seem to remember that Maddy was premature. She's at a higher risk throughout her lifetime for asthma & lung issues because of being so early, but heaven forbid they think of someone other than themselves. I hate how all smokers are so self-centered! MIL gets annoyed with her own grandchildren. If we lived w/my mom or dad, they'd get annoyed w/me, but not take it out on my kids. They wouldn't show obvious favoritism to the other grandkid & try to enjoy the fact they get to see them grow up. My mom is jealous of that, I know she is. FIL on the other hand is awesome. He shows that he loves the girls, plays with them, enjoys being around them while he can and doesn't snub them or call them burdens. I wish we could live in a positive household. Soon enough I suppose. There will be less stress when we're living far far away from them. And you better believe they will not be seeing the kiddos very frequently. If you didn't want to see them when you could see them everyday, what makes me think you deserve to see them when we're gone? Ok, done venting (for now).


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