Friday, June 4, 2010

32 weeks?! Already?!!

I'm 32 weeks preggo today. Holy cow is time flying by or what? I cannot believe I'm 8 months pregnant with this little boy. Seems like only yesterday I took that pregnancy test & got 2 faint lines. If I make it 2 more weeks, I'll have met my next goal of going longer then I did w/Maddy. And then everyday after that will be a blessing! No matter how uncomfortable I will be, I will cherish the opportunity to be able to carry a baby that long.

I'm feeling good except for the awful charlie horses I had this morning. I had 3 in a row--the last brought me to tears and ran up into my knee and thigh. Guess I better really chow down on bananas & drink a lot more water. I didn't get many w/Maddy, but I was plagued by them w/Sophie. I do not want to do that again!!

Newbie moves a lot. He mainly feels like he's stretching & yawning in there. Its too cute. He's even poked his sisters a few times. Sophie cracks up & wants to feel more, while Maddy gets sorta weirded out. Cannot believe they're gonna be BIG sisters!!

I started packing my & Newbie's hospital bags yesterday. I don't care how early it is. I just want to make sure I'm prepared & not scrambling to get Brian to pack this or that to bring to me. Of course they'll be a few last minute things to go in, but I plan on getting everything ready to go by the end of the week. I can't wait for my bassinet to arrive, so I can set it up & see if my bassinet sheets I got from freecycle will fit it.

I was hit with a pang of anxiety yesterday about having to do it all on my own. How am I gonna do it? It looks like Brian's job's gonna be working M-F well over 100 miles away, so he'll be hopefully staying with friends closer to work. Or the other shift is overnight (12 hrs) on the weekends. Either way, he's not gonna be able to help me with the kids until we find a place to move into of our own. With luck, by the end of summer we'll be out, but that still means I gotta do it myself & I'm freaking out a bit. I don't like the idea of having to be apart from Brian so much, but its for the greater good!! They're supposed to call today telling him hours etc, so hopefully it works well.

I just know I'm not gonna get help from family, so I gotta figure out how I'm gonna do it on my own. I'm not the first mama nor the last to do this. I just wish I had the comfort of my own home instead of 2 other people living there. Stress will be higher & I'm worried about getting privacy I need with breast feeding, but I've just gotta pray hard for it to all work out.

Wow. Didn't mean for that all to be so down, but I need to get it out. I'll try to be happier in the next post. Lol!


  1. ((hugs)) that's a lot for anyone to have on their mind. i'd be nervous about going at it alone too. sending good vibes your way!!

    i'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Newbie bakes awhile longer. did you find out if you won the breastpump?

  2. Andrea, don't you ever forget that I am always here for you- and I love you sooo much!!! <3 I have been missing you soo badly- I wish I was still able to accompany you with you Dr. appts. I am always thinking of you, and if you ever need me I am only a phone call or quick drive away. I Love You. :)

  3. Just found out that Brian's shift will officially be weekends overnight after his training period. I'm still hoping for a miracle of him being able to stay with us, but I guess we'll have to wait and see how it all pans out!

    btw-they're gonna announce the breast pump winner on Monday (apparently the response was larger than they thought & it took a while to count through everything). I will post something as soon as I hear the official word!!!

    Thanks for the support! I appreciate it so much!!


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