Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling Empowered!

So today I had my usual NST & OB exam. I was so anxious about this appointment since the last one ended w/a midwife telling me that I was to schedule a csection for next Friday. Well, after my NST & waiting for what seemed like forever (it was at least 40 minutes of waiting around), the doctor came in. Everything is going well still & baby's measuring right on track too. Then I brought up the csection scheduling request. I told him that I felt very traumatized by it before & wanted to do everything I could to prevent it from happening. I also said I wondered why MFM wanted me to schedule a csection at 39 weeks & not even let me go to my due date. He read through the notes (yet another reason I'm glad I drive nearly 2 hours to Lancaster for the doctors--everyone is connected & affiliated w/Lancaster General so I don't have to wait on reports & tests being faxed etc etc etc) & he said the MFM doctor's recommendation was based on the pre-eclampsia diagnoses w/my last pregnancy. He also said he saw no reason why I couldn't wait to let my body go into labor on its own. I check my blood pressure here at home regularly & do bi-weekly protein/creatine ratios as well as weekly NSTs for a good month now & tons of appointments, so I'm pretty aware of any changes in my body...and he was very encouraged by that & my proactive attitude. He also said if I go a week or 2 overdue, provided I have no pre-e symptoms develop suddenly & things keep looking good, that he was totally on board with that birthing plan.

I felt SOOOOO great after hearing that! I told him about researching VBACs for months now & know the "risks" of everything & still want to proceed & he encouraged me! He was more concerned with my physical, mental AND emotional well-being than pushing to do another major surgery that is very unnecessary. He even joked that he would promise to not write "difficult patient" in my chart. We had a good chuckle & since Sophie came along today he helped make her feel comfortable too. She usually is terrified of the male doctors, but warmed right up to him.

I loved this OB (Dr. Yingling) since he was the one who helped deliver the placenta after our problems during Sophie's delivery. Such a great bedside manner & helped Brian & my parents understand what was going on w/me & came in a few times to check on how ALL of us were doing--not just me. I was so worried that after today's visit, he'd push for a csection & I'd suddenly have no OB left I really trust in the practice, but he *thankfully* proved my worry wrong!

I just feel very empowered & encouraged to have an OB on board with my birthing wishes. YAY!!! Now I feel very ready & excited to begin the labor & delivery process within the next few weeks!! Though, if he'd come say on Monday or Tuesday, that'd be even better!! ;o)


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