Friday, July 9, 2010

Full term baby!!

Dear Newbie,

Today you are officially FULL TERM!! I never thought we'd make it this far & you're defying the odds! I love you SO much already & am anxiously waiting for you to decide when you'd like to come out. Your sisters are both excited to meet you too.

Sophie talks to you in my belly & loves to feel you kick & try to guess where your butt is. She cracks up when I help her feel that bony bottom & she insists that she will help change your diapers when you come home. She's excited to see where we set up the bassinet & talks about you all of the time. Her name suggestions for you have evolved from Ladybug, Lemon & Turtle in the early weeks to Yoda Lucas Campbell. She is a great big sister already & will continue to be amazing when you arrive, I just know it!

Maddy loves to point into my belly button and say "bee bee" & while I don't think she really understands what's gonna happen when you decide to enter this world, I know she's going to be a great sister too. She LOVES babies & loves to pet them, so you'll have the smoothest hair-do forever! I'm sure she'll want to snuggle you up on my lap when I'm holding you, so hopefully she won't snuggle too hard!

Daddy likes to tap on my belly to talk to you & he cannot wait to hold you. While he's ready for you to be on the outside, but desperately wants you to stay in as long as possible like I do. He jokes that he wishes you'd come on the 23rd so he could go see the Star Wars in concert in Hershey on the 22nd, but I know he'd be happy to have you arrive whenever you decide.

I cannot wait to see what you look like. We've had a few glimpses with ultrasounds, but will you be blonde or brunette (or even a red head as your Great Aunt Dolores insists you will be!) and what color eyes will you keep? Will you look like a tiny version of Daddy or do you get some of my good looks too? I am so anxious to snuggle & kiss you & share your name with the world. It's SOOO hard keeping it a secret, but we're almost there & I know I can do it. I am so excited to add some blue to our predominantly pink family, and I know you're gonna be a Mama's boy!!

Thank you for your reassuring hiccups & outrageously hard kicks. I swear you're gonna kick right through my side sometimes, but I am cherishing every one I feel. I feel so blessed to get to carry you so long & help you grow so big inside of me. So kick, punch & hiccup away little man! Enjoy your time in there, because you'll be on the outside before you know it!

I hope you'll decide to come into the world when Grandma Kipp is down visiting so you can soak up some of her sweet snuggles & kisses. She's SO excited to meet you too & you've given her something exciting to look forward to throughout her chemotherapy treatments and breast cancer surgery. She's the only other person to know your name (aside from Daddy & I) and she loves it too!

I cannot wait to meet you in the upcoming days/weeks. Please be careful whenever you decide to come out & let us have enough time to get to the hospital since it is an almost 2 hour drive up there. Love you so much & see you soon!



  1. Congratulations Andrea... This reassures me that even though the next one is automatically high risk, it could turn out totally fine! Best wishes for a speedy delivery in due time!

  2. Aww, that is the sweetest open blog to your baby inside. :)


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