Thursday, July 15, 2010


Wow. A baby set I won from Miapella on FEBRUARY 7TH that finally arrived this afternoon in the mail. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM unless you like waiting 6 months with piss poor customer service. Giveaways & reviews are free advertising for them & tax write-offs, so if they are too cheap to even give the item they promised, then they're not a company worth supporting!!

The person I won the set from on their review/giveaway & I communicated a few times with Miapella since February with no response back. They didn't respond to her emails either & she was very frustrated with their lack of customer service as well. I emailed them yet again on May 22nd asking if they were planning on fulfilling their end of the giveaway & they responded on June 9th, so I was cautiously hopeful that I would get my winnings. They apparently don't like being honest & LIED saying they'd ship it the next week. Funny...the label on the box says July 12th, 2010. Amazing how you can ship something in June with a July 12, 2010 shipping date. Like I wouldn't notice? IDIOTS!! Who even knows if my products are "freshly made" as their website claims.

So if you're looking for natural, organic health & beauty products, go ANYWHERE else. Etsy has a huge variety of companies to look for if you want to support a small family company--just avoid a shop called Miapella Organics. Don't give this company your business because they certainly don't deserve it!!!!!!


  1. Oh man! Is this from My Silly Monkeys?

  2. Yep. Jess is so nice & tried so hard to get them to contact me for a few months, but they ignored us. It was SO frustrating!


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