Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cloth Diapering a Newborn: Part 1

Since I use cloth diapers with my 2nd daughter Maddy, I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers with Noah.  I researched which were the best & scoured the net for great deals while I was pregnant to get my newborn stash aquired.  I only used cloth on Maddy when she was a few months old, so I didn't have enough newborn stuff around to make it work.  I scored some excellent Black Friday deals, bought a lot of things used or as a "second" and I know I spent well under $100 total.

I ended up getting 2 dozen unbleached GMD orange newborn prefolds (in addition to the 1 doz bleached GMD orange newborn prefolds that I already had from Maddy--side note: the bleached prefolds are a bit smaller and not as soft as the unbleached), 8 Little Lions fitted nb diapers, 4 Bum Genius XS Bamboo fitted diapers, 1 Bum Genius AIO XS diaper, 3 Disana fitted diapers, 3 Thirsties XS covers, 4 newborn size Prowrap covers, 1 Bummis newborn cover, 2 baby love wool covers, and a handful of various WAHM nb fitted diapers & covers (like 2 AIOs, a fleece cover & a fitted from CC Bums).  I think that's everything (along with some Snappi fasters & blue cloth wipes I made for my boy!).  I have enough to last me probably 2 days in between washes, but since I'm diapering 2, I tend to do diaper laundry every other day.  Fine by me, since diaper laundry is easy peasy!

Here's a picture of of my stash: (that's not in the wash that is!!)

My favorites have been the trusty prefolds & Thirsties covers!  Newborn poop is explosive by nature...breastfed newborn poop is even MORE explosive.  So Noah's been giving me lots of research to test how well they do! ;o)  Prefolds that have edges rolled into the baby's legs & are secured with a Snappi do an amazing job at containing the mess with a 2nd layer of protection from the Thirsties cover (love the inner leg gussets & adjustable velcro for Noah's tiny waist to get a perfect fit).

He's had several nasty poo-splosions that made it out of the prefold, but the Thirsties cover kept it all in so his outfit stayed clean & dry!  The 1 blow out diaper he had was with a disposable diaper we had in the hospital. Yet again, disposable=blow out.  I'm amazed at how great of a job cloth diapers continue to do over disposables.  Cloth ROCKS!!

My husband is a bit leery of changing prefolds and using a snappi and all of that folding...so I have him use the Bum Genius AIO:

Or the Bum Genius Bamboo Fitted and a cover for easy diaper changes:

The Little Lions are our go-to nighttime diaper since they have multiple layers of cotton to absorb & typically a Thirsties wrap is thrown over top as the cover:

Not a huge fan of the Prowrap cover, as the rise is very short & it doesn't properly cover a prefold without a lot of adjusting and maneuvering to make it work & even then it sometimes peaks out the back (note the orange prefold edge in the middle peaking through), which tends to cause wetness to wick onto baby's clothing.

So there ya have it!  I LOVE cloth diapering a newborn.  The tiny diapers are huge amounts of adorable, and he's still not super-mega squirmy and lets me take pictures!  Yay!


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