Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eat Noah Eat!

So Noah hasn't been a big solids eater yet...mostly just plays and nibbles here and there.  He didn't even chow down on his birthday cake because he's just not into foods much yet.  Which would be fine if he wasn't so tiny.  I worry about how he's growing so slowly and worry about him only eating 2 noodles at lunch today after refusing breakfast.  I've been weaning him onto whole milk from my donor milk & have been out of donor milk for about a week now.  He was doing fine with it until yesterday when he refused to drink any milk.  He nursed literally every hour of the day yesterday until he went to bed and woke up at least 4 or 5x.  He's addicted to the bewb juice & won't accept anything but.

I know he's got to be hungry after barely eating all day, but he just won't do more than a nibble.  SO frustrating!  I have been thinking about calling my donor mom and asking to have a little more milk because the boy won't eat & I'm afraid of him going hungry.  I've heard mom's suggest offering only foods high in *good* fats, but he won't touch avocado anymore or things like cottage cheese either.  I'm tempted to start putting flaxseed oil in all of his food/milk too to help him gain a little too.  Why won't he just eat?

I'm just getting worried.  It might be for nothing.  It might be the combo of new whole milk, teething 4 molars & generally just being 1 that's causing a ruckus in the eating department.  But I'm his mama & it's my job to worry darnit!


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