Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mr. Noah is a Whole Year Old!!

I cannot believe my baby boy is already a year old! He's walking, waving & saying hi & bye, calls for "mama" & "dada" and is a climber! He climbs on top of EVERYTHING & dang is he fast! I cannot believe that a year ago I was holding a tiny, newborn baby boy in my arms and now he's really growing into a toddler. So bittersweet.

We had his 1 year checkup last week and he was 17.6lbs & 28.5" long (somewhere in the 3-5%). A petite little guy still, but the doctor said developmentally he's about 3 months ahead. Those kind of comments always make ya feel good, don't they?! 8 teeth in & as I suspected, he's starting to get his 1 year old molars in (molars are the WORST to get in. cranky city! boo!).

We're also still nursing!!! Holy cow! I am astonished by how good it feels to have made it to that 1 year mark. I mean, it feels really really really good. I love our nursing sessions (probably 4-6x a day still) & hope he doesn't wean himself anytime soon. All of my hard work has definitely paid off!!

This morning we went to an event called the "Big Latch On" where mama's latch their babies at the same time to beat a world record of the most mamas breastfeeding at a set time. It was amazing to be in a room with 20 other nursing mams & not get the eye rolls or looks from certain family members. Noah didn't nurse so well because he was so distracted by all of the people there, so maybe our days of successful nursing in public have come to an end, but that's ok too. I'm still in awe of having milk for my baby--now technically my todder--a year later!

I think part of my breastfeeding success is from not setting my goals too high this time. My goal was simple: nurse until I didn't have any more milk. Be it a day, a week or a month (or a year!)--as long as my breasts make milk, my baby will receive it. I had good information, good support in those early days from my hubby & Mom (this is SO important in establishing a strong supply) & the will power to keep going when I really just wanted to give up. It helped me to not have much support from my extended family, as it gave me more inspiration to prove them wrong. lol!

I'm grateful for a healthy, smart, fun baby boy that surprised our family. But I could not imagine life any other way. Happy birthday Noah buddy! We love you!!!


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