Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Nursing Toddler Musings

I cannot believe I'm breastfeeding a toddler!!  I cannot believe I made it past a year and going strong.  So amazing!

Breastfeeding a toddler has it's ups & downs.  For one, Noah has been nursing a TON since we weaned him off of the donor milk.  He must miss his sweet breastmilk, but luckily, he gets whatever I have still.  He's so squirmy and gets distracted very easily.  And he's heavy to hold at times, depending on where we are when he wants to nurse.

But he's much more efficient now when he wants to be.  He is so cute when he's nursing and snuggling in close.  I know that I can nurse him to get him to calm down, fix any boo boos, to get him to sleep or if he wants a snack.  My breasts finally provide the perfect amount of milk for a snacking toddler and by him nursing so frequently still, I am maintaining my supply well.  A nursing toddler will also let you know how much they appreciate you nursing them: Noah smiles, claps & giggles when he sees me unclasp my nursing bra and lift my shirt.  He gets so excited that I let him nurse whenever he wants & I can see he appreciation in his eyes.

And today I had a nursing first.  Noah was following me around while I was cleaning up lunch fussing at me and saying, "Na Na's". He didn't quit until I stopped and nursed him.  I always thought he was calling my boobs that, but it wasn't completely confirmed until today.  That is the sweetest memory I have yet.

I am so tickled he's my booby baby boy & I don't see any signs of weaning anytime soon.  <3


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