Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crib sleeper?

So Sunday night I put Noah in the crib after he fell asleep early & Brian was still going through clothes in our room & there was no space on our bed to lay him.  He slept from 8pm-1am, was up for about an hour and couldn't settle himself until he was literally too exhausted to fight it & then slept until 7:30am!!  I was so shocked, so last night he had a late nap *ugh* and went to sleep at like 11pm and put into the crib.  He woke up around 5am, fussed and couldn't settle himself for about an hour, before I gave up and brought him back to my bed where he slept until around 8am.  So testing out the crib is *knock on wood* working so far.  I've been trying to keep him in the pack 'n play for naps during the day so he's used to that kinda setting too, but his naps are all over the place.  I gotta hit up Wegmans sometime to get some Rescue Sleep to see if it will help regulate them a little better without crying or fussing.  I don't mind waking 1 or even 2x a night with him, but I wish he would learn to self soothe so it doesn't take a whole hour, waking up either the girls (the crib is in their room) or Brian.  So here's hoping we're on the upward swing of this night weaning/better sleep thing.  I PRAY it is!!


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