Friday, May 4, 2012

Speech Evaluation Results

I'm frustrated. Maddy "finally" had her speech evaluation on Tuesday that I've been fighting to get for 2 months now. She was a gem & followed directions perfectly. Perhaps a little too perfectly. She was having a good speech day so I was a bit nervous to begin with. I hate that she has good days and bad days. :(

Apparently she's on the low side of average (around the 35%), but state requirements to be offered services are for those at 25% and below. So no help for Maddy. Never mind that she NEVER uses sentences, only phrases or short commands. But apparently since she can say the word spoon today (normally she just says "poon" but today she rocked it), that takes her score high enough to not need help. Never mind that most people aside from Sophie & me can understand her and how frustrated she gets when we can't understand her. Or how the neighbor kids won't play with just her since they can't understand her either (they'll play w/her if Sophie's there, but even then sometimes exclude her--even kids that are also 3!).

The "advice" that the speech ladies gave me was to read more (how?! I have 3 kids and we read a lot as it is!) and to correct her when she says a word wrong or doesn't use a sentence. I try to do that already, so I don't know what else to try. If she's still having speech issues in 6 months, I'm supposed to have her reevaluated.

I am SOOOOOO frustrated!! I almost want to cry! I just want to be able to understand my daughter & want others to do the same. I dont want her to be behind in life even more. The poor girl had a rough start to life & now cant catch a break. Noah is only slightly behind her in speech & hes not even 2 yet! There has to be other things i can do for her, but I don't know what. So if anyone knows of programs to use or books or ANYTHING else to try, please let me know! I'm going to google to look for things to try too, but if anyone has a program they recommend, please let me know! I'm desperate to try anything to help her and give her the break she so deserves! I can't give up on her, even if the so called "professionals" did. :(


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