Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy 3rd World Breastfeeding Week to Us!!

I cannot believe we are celebrating our 3rd World Breastfeeding Week!  Noah turned 2 on July 28th & is still nursing several times a day. I'm grateful for that time with him to reconnect too and I know it's helping him grow, even if he still eats like a bird. He is healthy, smart & quite the snuggler! I am SO SO SO proud that we made it the full 2 years that the World Health Organization recommends & I don't see us ending anytime soon.

Sometimes I really cannot believe we have made it so far! It's like those early days/weeks/months of struggle have really paid off.  Nursing a toddler is so incredibly rewarding. He says please when he wants to nurse, he will choose which boob he wants to start breastfeeding from like I'm a boobie buffet, tells me "a now one" when he's ready to switch sides and he giggles, claps and says "YAY!!! Nuh-Nuh's!!!" when I say I'm ready to nurse (which cracks Brian up!)! My boy is a boob man for sure! LOL!

Another perk of "extended breastfeeding" is that Noah can be comforted or lulled to sleep pretty easily with some boob time & despite the nursing toddler gymnastics from time to time, it's really sweet getting to snuggle my little boy so much still. I also get a kick out of nursing in front of family, friends or even strangers. I'm so comfortable nursing in public now, it's almost weird not to! I keep waiting for someone to roll their eyes or make a comment, but as we enter our 3rd year of nursing, we have not encountered anything major.

I'm so proud of our accomplishment & really hope to be able to encourage other IGT or low milk supply moms to keep it up! Breastfeeding is so much more then the amount of milk you make! Every drop that your little one gets counts, so stick with it! I'm SO SO SO glad I did!


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